William Dillon is a visionary executive who has been making waves in the global intelligent solutions arena for home automation, power management, and autonomous vehicles for 16 years. Dr. Dillon's prowess extends beyond just technical acumen. He is an ardent advocate for the development of meaningful and sustainable products that make a genuine difference in the world. Most notably, he has led the strategy for Savant Systems, pioneering a range of products that are sold globally. These products are available in both residential and commercial markets through a network of authorized dealers.

Dr. Dillon has served as the Chief Technology Officer at Savant Systems, Savant Power, and Racepoint Energy, expertly driving product strategies, roadmaps, and engineering organizations while guiding the fusion of each acquisition to build Savant Systems into the powerhouse it is today.

Joining Racepoint Energy in 2016 as a member of the founding cohort, Dr. Dillon served as a driving force in shaping the business model, developing the portfolio of award-winning and patented products, and positioning the company as an attractive investment. He also took over the cloud services for the company’s Savant contract and improved reliability and cost-efficiency. In addition, he helped integrate two acquisitions.

When Savant purchased Racepoint in 2021, Dr. Dillon merged the products, systems, and technology teams into Savant Power, a subsidiary that operated for nearly a year. In 2022, he merged Savant Power into Savant Systems. His leadership was also instrumental in securing eleven partnerships in two years.

Dr. Dillon’s background further includes product development, consulting, and research in his firm, Housedillon, Inc., as well as roles as a Faculty Research Associate, Graduate Research Assistant, and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Oregon State University.

Dr. Dillon’s leadership style is marked by empathy and understanding, which he leverages to efficiently assemble and guide high-performing teams that transform visions into profitable solutions. His multi-dimensional thinking allows him to devise strategies that thwart potential difficulties in product engineering. His strategic foresight and problem-solving capabilities often earmark him as a valued insightful mind at the executive table.

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