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House Construction Time-lapse movie

It's been a while since my house was completed, but I've finally gotten around to finishing the video compilation. It's a bit of a long video, but I think it's pretty interesting. There is one frame per minute for over a year. I've removed all the time where there wasn't active construction to try to keep it short. If you "read more" I have details about the construction of the outdoor camera housing, and mounting. Also, I talk a bit about the details of the wayI captured the frames themselves.

I intend to add more details here when I get a chance to take some proper photos, specifically, I will add a section on the construction of the outdoor video camera housing one wiring.

System Schematic

Schematic ofTime-lapse capture system

Schematic of Time-lapse capture system

I used SecuritySpy by BTV to capture the frames. This software was intended for businesses interested in "Loss prevention," otherwise known as catching shoplifters. For that reason, it's a little spendy and the features aren't perfect, but it does work rather well, and it's reliable. There are 2 primary features I was looking for: Storing a time-lapse video, and providing web access to the camera. Security Spy does provide these functions, and it let me set a schedule for beginning and stopping the recording for each day on a weekly schedule. Also, you can modify the settings over the web interface. I had some trouble with SecuritySpy crashing, and by contacting support they provided me with an AppleScript that monitored the application and restarted it.

The problem with daily recordings, however, is that they need to be combined.About once a week, I would download the videos for that week and remove the times the crew wasn't there, and combine them in iMovie. Now that the project is over I could never imagine the pain doing all that work in would sitting would cause.


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